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Boot a fresh environment in milliseconds.

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Instant dev experiences

Wait, I can enjoy web dev again?

Significantly reduce time to market with matchlessly secure, instantly reproducible, fullstack dev environments which boot in milliseconds.

Instant Bug Reports

Create zero-overhead, live templates for your users to reliably submit bugs against, filtering out true issues from everything else.

Share complete environments with only a url, and never spin up heavy local installations for a simple bug report ever again.

Create instant bug report dev environments with StackBlitz

Interactive Documentation

Use the StackBlitz SDK to embed and interact with actual code in your actual docs, blog or website.

Embed StackBlitz into documentation with the SDK for live coding examples

Rapid Prototyping

Speed up your entire development process with real time hot-reloading in the fastest dev environment ever made.

Collaborate remotely on different devices, send and receive instant feedback, and get to market faster.

Collaborate between different devices and rapidly prototype with StackBlitz
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"Being able to instantly open and share environments has significantly reduced our team's support burden for bug reproductions and enabled rapid innovation."
Stephen Fluin Developer Relations Lead at Google
Bleeding edge

The first dev environment faster and more secure
than local.

Introducing WebContainers: Run Node.js in your browser Read the release

Powered by WebContainers, the first WebAssembly-based operating system which boots entire development environments in milliseconds, securely within your browser tab.

What about other online IDEs?

Unlike StackBlitz, legacy online IDEs run on remote servers and stream the results back to your browser. This approach yields few security benefits and provides a worse experience than your local machine in nearly every way.

StackBlitz solves these problems by doing all compute inside your browser. This leverages decades of speed and security innovations and also unlocks key development & debugging benefits (see below).

Legacy Online IDEs
Boot Time
Zero network latency
Work Offline
Easily debug
broken containers
Reset broken containers
Page refresh
Not possible
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"StackBlitz is the first online IDE whose compute model makes sense to me."
Tom Preston-Werner founder of GitHub & investor in StackBlitz

Use the web to build the web.

Seamless Node.js debugging with Chrome Dev Tools

Debug backend applications just as easily as frontend, using the powerful tools already shipped in your browser.

Debug Node.js code with Chrome DevTools

Run the backend in the frontend

If it can run on Node.js, it can run on StackBlitz WebContainers, including backend functionality and libraries, meaning you can run servers. In your browser.

Run API servers in your browsers

Fresh, fast environments on every page load.

Reinstalling node_modules is as simple as refreshing the page, and since StackBlitz package installations are orders of magnitude faster than local, installing packages is now a trivial endeavour.

Fresh environments on page load

Zero latency. Work offline.

No external servers to connect to means no delays between your keystrokes and editor, and an internet connection is not required.

Works offline
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"It's surely only a matter of time before locally installed IDEs go the way of the Walkman."
Rich Harris Svelte & SvelteKit creator
Invested in the future

This is just the beginning.

We're working with and invested in the fastest growing open source projects to make instant, secure-by-default browser-based computing accessible to everyone.

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"StackBlitz unlocks a true one-click startup experience with the full stack running in the browser — it's a game-changer."
Ilya Grigorik Principal Engineer at Shopify

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